Flood Restoration & Water Damage Cleanup

When you have flooding and water damage in your home, due to broken pipes or water gushing in from a heavy storm, immediate action is needed. At FIX Flood & Water Damage Pros, we specialize in providing water damage restoration in Fort Worth Texas. We’ll quickly remove the water from your home and stop the spread of damage from occurring.

If you have a flood; wet carpets, walls and furniture are just the beginning. Without proper water removal service, your floors will warp, walls will be damaged, carpets can be stained, mold and mildew will crop up everywhere and valuable objects could be permanently damaged.

Our team is skilled in quickly drying your entire structure, using state-of-the-art equipment. We are able to find moisture in hidden spots that may not be recognizable, and stop mildew and mold before they are able to grow. 

If you have any issues with water damage or flooding, give us a call before the damage gets worse! Our number is 817-471-6707.

Before (Click for 3D)

After (Click for 3D)